Lesbian Wrestling

Absolutely naked women fight in sexual wrestling competition and winner has full right to dominate and fuck submited lesbian loser.
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    Extreme nude wrestling competition between hot women who fight for dominating role in cruel and erotic catfights. Nothing is scripted in their tournament and the most important that the winner has the full control over loser, forces her in full lesbian submission and fucks with strapon or humiliate by facesitting.
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  • Intensive fight between strong Asian combatant and busty blonde girl

    Posted By admin on April 14, 2010

    tattooed female asian fighter defeats blonde babe

    As you may already know Adrianna who had to fight with furious Hollie Stewens got an injury during one brutal nude wrestling fights and now it is necessary to find some replacement.

    As you can see Ariel X came to face Hollie today and this replacement can be very bad for her. Ariel is skilled and cruel enough to beat any girl on the ring and most of all she enjoys humiliating and fucking her submitted victims right on the ring with her huge strapon of the champion. Watch the full time match video andchecl all live shows on this amazing site.

    Lesbian wrestling catfight which ends with forced facesitting

    Posted By admin on April 7, 2010

    lesbian wrestling competition which ends with ass fucking

    Really amazing lesbian wrestling fight between two absolutely different girls, each of them is experience and skilled nude wrestler but Amber weights much more less then her opponent and she definitely doesn’t have so much strength

    Her rival submission wrestling competitor is Bela who enjoys her weight and power and knows how to use her advantages to take control over another girl and force her to submit in strapon fucking.

    Amber manages to keep her defense up and doesn’t let brutal Bela defeat her, but finally stronger girl overcomes her and her poor ass in invaded and fucked painfully by huge strapon dick of Bela the lesbian wrestling competition winner. Watch full videos of female’s fights and all the live wrestling shows on this amazing site.

    Fast Asian girl gets defeated in lesbian wrestling

    Posted By admin on March 31, 2010

    cunning figher kicks ass of her female asian rival

    Take a look at this new nude hot wrestler – Ami she spent lots of time on streets back then she was an teenager and now her street skills can assist her in defeating her naughty lesbian wrestling competitor and force her to submit her sexuality and power.

    Today Ami faces Tia who looks so beautiful and hot that she can pretend for name of the most exciting wrestling catfight participant of the year. Now she already has some experience in lesbian wrestling and managed to defeat several girls who thought that she is just pretty slut without skills.

    However cute Asian fight didn’t manage to cope with brutality and strength of her rival and now she is forced to lick pussy of the winner and take huge dildo strapon in her tiny Asian asshole. Watch full video of this competition and live shows on this exclusive female fight site

    Busty Claire and rough Wenona fight for sexual submission in wrestling match

    Posted By admin on March 24, 2010

    lesbian wrestling between two busty babes on the mat

    Decent match with two hot lesbian wrestlers who can’t disappoint you. First fighter is Claire Dames who has huge natural tits that she likes to use during rough lesbian wrestling competition to smother her opponents during fight.

    Her rival is Wenona experienced and skilled nude wrestler who managed to kick ass of many self confident girls in the past, her flexible body on ex gymnast makes her formidable opponent. She likes to stick her fingers in enemy pussy and asshole during the naked wrestling fight and fully enjoys forced submission of her opponents.

    So who do you think would be the winner of lesbian wrestling fight and who would be fucked mercilessly in both pussy and asshole as an act of ultimate submission? Watch this incredible competition and check it yourself.

    Epic lesbian wrestling fight between tattooed Asian and her busty blonde rival

    Posted By admin on March 17, 2010

    asian girl sits on her rival and fingers her ass

    One of the most famous female wrestlers – Dragon comes back to the lesbian wrestling stage, her previous maximum score was 24-5, this string sexy girl manages to bear such brutal babes as Ninja, The Nightmare, hot  Vendetta, well known The Goddess and some others. This stunning girl was king on the hill two years ago on the nude wrestling ring and now she wants to take revenge again and fight for the submission again. It would be kinda hard for her to endure these cruel catfights since lots of time passed since her last match.

    Her opponent is cunning Jesse, that tiny sexy blonde female is pro at gymnastics and also she was cheerleader back in the times of college so her attractive quick body can be a great challenge for the woman that didn’t have any serious wrestling for 2 years.

    The fight itself was really amazing and wrestling girls did most incredible things ever seen in nude wrestling. Old timer managed to show some nice moves like scissor cunt licking and her opponent was defeated without mercy, her pussy was roughly fingered and Dragon played with her naked body in all ways she wanted and finally won completely. In the end she had great chance to take control over loser in most sexual and cruel ways using her strapon and fingers. Watch this amazing fight in full time high quality video and check all the live shows as well

    Two agile girls finger and smother each other in lesbian wrestling competition

    Posted By admin on March 10, 2010

    scene of forced face sitting and pussy smothering in erotic wrestling

    Ariel X is a serious female fight and she kicked mane girl’s asses in submission wrestling matches and today she gets another opportunity to with in wrestling catfight. She enjoys her professional skills and you can see how easily she defeats her opponent with fingering and face smothering.

    The girl that dared to oppose her is Savannah who considered herself tough and agile but actually she had no chance to win against suck a pro dominant wrestler.

    As a result of this erotic wrestling competition Savannah gets fucked by her dominant rival and she is forced to cum right on the ring. After nice strapon fucking she is wrapped in ropes and left on the mat absolutely naked and forced to cum again and again. Watch this fight on full time video and don’t forget about live shows!

    Classic submission wrestling fight between two strong females

    Posted By admin on March 3, 2010

    championsip naked wrestling fight between cruel females

    Vendetta is tough solid submission lesbian wrestling fight with decent expericen of championship in season 4 and she feels absolutely ready to defeat and fuck any opponent that might dare to confront her.

    Her rival female wrestler is Ariel X, she looks quite tiny but she managed to beat famous Dia Zerva who was absolute lesbian wrestling champion before. Now her skill are targeted on Vendetta and she crave this fight and wants to win.

    Now you have great opportunity to watch this legendary fight and enjoy brutal nude wrestling championship on video and in live shows.