Lesbian Wrestling

Absolutely naked women fight in sexual wrestling competition and winner has full right to dominate and fuck submited lesbian loser.
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    Extreme nude wrestling competition between hot women who fight for dominating role in cruel and erotic catfights. Nothing is scripted in their tournament and the most important that the winner has the full control over loser, forces her in full lesbian submission and fucks with strapon or humiliate by facesitting.
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  • Lesbian wrestling match turns into a strapon fucking session

    Posted By admin on August 1, 2011

    This lesbian wrestling scene is one of those scenes that will stay with you forever. It features two young hotties with tight bodies, fighting for the role of the strapon wielding hottie that is going to ravage the loser. The girl in the black bikini wins after some crazy moves. So, she puts on a huge strapon and start banging the loser. However, the referee them steps in and starts fucking the loser as well, making her really enjoy her loss like never before. Everyone is happy.  Watch now how that female wrestler gets split roasted with strapon!

    Lesbian match of the day

    Posted By admin on June 18, 2011

    On paper, these two teams were not that evenly matched, with the girls in the red bikinis being much bigger and more experienced. However, the purple-bikinied girls have really risen to the occasion, giving their opponents something to work for in this amazing lesbian wrestling match. In the end it turns into a clit-sucking, pussy juice-lapping and slits-ramming orgy anyway, with girls munching on those fine clits, licking that fight sweat off of each other and having great time. It is one of those scenes that you simply must not miss out on.  Check that incredible catfight right now!

    Hardcore lesbian wrestling battle between naked women with almost equal skills

    Posted By admin on June 9, 2010

    rough move in lesbian wrestling catfight

    Here comes strong Darling girl who managed to win lots of matches in the last tournament and her skilled in lesbian wrestling improved quite a lot. In past she lost only to the queen of the ring, dominant Dia Zerva so today she should who great nude submission fight and kick ass of her opponent.

    However it wouldn’t be so easy since her opponent is another great erotic wrestler who can compete easily with her – it is cool Vendetta which can kick ass of many female and force them to be fucked on ring.

    So take you chance to watch this stunning lesbian wrestling fight and enjoy girls beating and fucking each other on ring.

    Furious ebony babe forcefully licks pussy of her rival on mats

    Posted By admin on June 2, 2010

    forced pussy licking during submission wrestling

    Watch this long awaited wrestling catfight between two hot females. One of them is beautiful and hot Isis Love who comes back to the ring for more submission wrestling matches and her opponent Yana. Another pair of hot wrestlers -Vendetta and Dia Zerva meet on the ring for the first time and their battle would be definitely sexual and cruel.

    Watch these two teams fight with each other is lesbian wrestling match. They try their best and attempt to defeat and submit their opponent to sexual slavery. They try to finger each other pussies and dominate with their cunts over rivals faces. The end of the fight is unforgettable, don’t miss this amazing scene of submission and taking control over weaker girl in sexual competition. Watch the hot action right now and don’t miss live shows here

    Two experienced girls smothers each other with pussies in nude wrestling match

    Posted By admin on May 26, 2010

    lesbian crotch smothering during catfigth

    Dia Zerva is the favorite of this season’s championship, she was absolute winner in last tournament and most of people believe that she is the most strong female in lesbian wrestling competitions. Actually this hot babe is former Marine and she is really dedicated to this submission wrestling fights.

    Meet her opponent – fast and furious Ariel X  she has great stamina and endurance and probably she is the only girl who can compete with Dia in submission wrestling. She has trained hard to beat her since once she already lost the fight to her and had to submit to Dia’s will and was fucked brutally right on the ring. She never forgets this humiliation and wants revenge.

    So now you have opportunity to watch this erotic wrestling fight with two brutal females who wants to win and sexually abuse opponent. They are not going to give up easily so take your chance and watch this fight right now!

    Muscular blonde fights brutally in lesbian wrestling against her hot opponent

    Posted By admin on May 19, 2010

    hardcore nude wrestling between muscular blonde and her naked rival

    Another fight if Dia Zerva – the ultimate champion of the last year who is going to kick and strapon fuck any of her nude wrestling opponents right on the ring.

    Flexible and strong Wenona  who was famous gymnast in the past is going to face current champion in lesbian wrestling competition. She is in good shape and don’t want to miss the chance to make Dia submit to her will and lose the match

    Both girls are good, but nothing can compare to Zerva in erotic wrestling so she manages to defeat her opponent and now Wenona’s asshole is torn apart by fat strapon of the winner. Watch the full match here together with regular live shows

    Long and exhausting lesbian wrestling fight between old enemies

    Posted By admin on May 12, 2010

    defeated female is choking in scissor position during lesbian wrestling

    These two fighters, Ami and Vendetta already had lesbian wrestling match before and that competition was tough. Ami was amateur girl back there with not too much experience, but still she managed to endure long catfight against hot and strong Vendetta but eventually lost it.

    Now she had time to train her stamina and skills and she is back for the cruel sexual revenge, she is ready to beat Vendetta and fuck her nasty ass forcing her to lick her pussy in the same time, but would she be able to win or not ? Watch this amazing match right now and don’t forget live shows!

    Rough and strong lesbian wrestler tears mouth of her weeker rival

    Posted By admin on May 5, 2010

    cruel lesbian wrestling between two famous girls

    Here comes next stage of lesbian wrestling competition and you can now watch some Quarterfinal fights.

    Bella Rossi is a decent female wrestler who managed to get to this stage and not going to surrender. She is strong and cruel enough for these ultimate catfights and she doesn’t want to lose

    Her opponent is Darling  and she is really experienced girl, she is skilled both in domination and wrestling so that’s why he won many matches before. She doesn’t afraid to fight against bigger and stronger girls since she always win against them with skills and fuck them like dirty sluts right on the mats. So watch the match and find out who would be the winner of erotic wrestling today.

    Team match between new formed lesbian wrestling teams

    Posted By admin on April 28, 2010

    two girls dominate defeted rival in lesbian wrestling

    More girls and teams now participate in nude submission wrestling fights and we are proud to present these battles to you.

    Today you can see sexy The Dragons wrestlers who already managed to win couple of matches and now she needs the last one to get into playoff. In order to do that they must defeat and force into submission her skilled and shaped opponents nude female wrestlers – The Goddesses.

    Watch how these four hot babes fight against each other, tear clothes and finally have the opportunity to fuck defeated females on all their dirty submissive holes. Check this unique site for real lesbian fights and live shows.

    Tough lesbian wrestling fight between two hot female rivals

    Posted By admin on April 21, 2010

    dominant girl takes over and fingers her victim in nude wrestling

    Great opportunity to watch another amazing and exciting match with Ariel X who won 5 submission fights already and comes for leadership. It seems that today she expects her hardest lesbian wrestling match in the season, but she came in great shape and fully prepared.

    After an injury that she got during one of the fights Hollie Stevens is back in the games of erotic wrestling and she already takes place among most powerful and hot fighters. Besides her experience she is strong enough and her weight is higher then of her rival nude wrestler. So the result of this amazing lesbian competition is absolutely unpredictable.
    If you want to see the end of this fight and also want to see girls fighting live check this exclusive site